Radio Controlled Boats

Radio-controlled boats are model boats that you operate by means of a remote control. They are replicas of full size boats built to scale. Some are small enough to fit into your hand and others are quite a bit larger. Sport boats are the most popular along with remote-controlled submarines.

Sailboat models use the power of the wind to propel them along. They usually have a built-in receiver that you control by means of a handheld transmitter. The joysticks on the transmitter are connected to two battery-powered receivers on the boat. The movements of the joysticks send radio messages to the receiver that will change the movement of the boat. One of the servo motors controls the main and sail jobs and the other controls the rudder position.

Many hobbyists in radio-controlled boats like to race their boats. There are four international classes of such races:

Power radio-controlled boats are either electrically powered or driven by ignition engines. There are also some models powered by steam. The power helps to submerge a propeller, which provides the thrust to move the boat. Some of the models have additional functions, such as a foghorn and rotating radio antennae similar to actual boats.

There are also models that resemble combat boats, such as destroyers and frigates. They can fire projectiles at other boats to sink them, which is why these models are designed so that they can easily be repaired.