Powerboats are types of boats that run via a motor or engine rather than by sail. These boats are essentially a type of motor boat but a true power boat will potentially have more power and therefore speed than a standard motor boat or cruiser.

Powerboats can come in various sizes from small open models with a simple outboard motor that can fit in a couple of people through to large luxury models that also come with living accommodation and a range of other features that make them suitable for ocean going purposes and not just for short trips close to shore.

Most powerboats have a characteristic and easily recognisable hull design that is pointed in a fairly sharp triangular shape. This design helps powerboats achieve their potentially high speeds. This is based on the fact that the boat will ‘plane’ through the water as quickly and efficiently as possible with this kind of hull design and it will be easier to handle at high speeds.

Many people will use a powerboat mainly for leisure purposes on the coast and these boats can also be used for water skiing and other related water sports. Some powerboat owners, however, will race their powerboats both on an amateur and professional level.